Meat Loaf made from pork and chicken

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Chicken Sausage / Chicken Sausage Chile 100 % CHICKEN


The chicken sausage is made from 100% chicken meat. This makes the chicken sausage easily digestible. The Chicken Sausage with Chili has a slightly spicy touch. The chicken sausages are a real delicacy that should not be missed in your assortment.


Weight approx. 1,5 kg.




100% CHICKEN Pain Chicken Meat Loaf and Chicken Meat Loaf Provençal


The chicken meat loaves are made only of CHICKEN.
The natural baking process results in the typical chicken taste being brought to the fore to full advantage.

Weight approx. 2 kg.




Chicken Filet / Chicken Filet with garden Herbes


The chicken fillet is made from 100% chicken. With the chicken fillet with garden herbs the delicious herbs come to the surface. These provide an extra test.


Weight approx. 1,5 kg.




Turkey Breast


The turkey breast consists of 100% turkey breast


Weight approx. 1,5 kg.




Plain Meat Loaf and Meat Loaf Provençal


The meat loaves are made from pork and chicken.

Filling of the meat loaves in mould tins and their oven baking are done by hand. The baking process helps them retain their natural colour and leads to a perfect harmony between the taste of meat and the taste of baking.


Weight approx. 3 kg.