Scrapple Grandma Style

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Scrapple Grandma Style

"Scrapple Grandma Style", also known as "Kwet", Loose Blood Sausage, Black Pudding or Bloodpudding, is made in the same way in which our grandparents used to make it.

The pork is boiled in an open cauldron and pure buckwheat flour and typical herbs and spices are added. In this way we obtain the genuine scrapple of yesteryear, with its delicious, delicate, smooth taste.
“Scrapple Grandma Style” is a recognised local speciality.

This is a seasonal product, available from the beginning of September to the end of March.

Weight approx. 2 kg




Pre-sliced scrapple

Scrapple can also be bought in pre-sliced packs.

Weight 250g e