Baked Pâté

Our authentic baked pâté made in the traditional way is a genuine speciality that keeps its shape on cutting. Its ingredient is pure pork. The process of filling the terrines or other moulds is done by hand, which means the blocks differ slightly from one another. Its lovely brown colour is the original colour that it takes on during baking in the oven.

The Baked Pâté is recognised as a local speciality.

This high-quality pâté provides you with a delicious, smooth-tasting ingredient for your daily sandwiches. It melts in the mouth, so to speak – another characteristic attesting to the traditional methods used in its production.

Weight approx. 1.7 kg & 3.3 kg




Chicken bloc paté 100 % CHICKEN with a border of chicken fillet

the chicken block pâté is made from 100% chicken meat. The edge around the chicken block pâté is chicken fillet. It has a mild taste and melts in the mouth

Weight approx. 1.5 kg




Baked Chicken Pâté - 100% CHICKEN
Poultry Pâté with Pepper - 100% CHICKEN

Baked Chicken Pâté and Poultry Pâté with Pepper are specialities made entirely of chicken and prepared according to traditional methods. The fact that chicken is their only ingredient means they are easily digestible. The smooth, warm chicken taste is brought out to full advantage during the baking process.

They can be used perfectly on a meat slicer.

Delicious in your daily sandwiches, they are also ideal for use in starters and appetizers.

Weight approx. 1.7 kg




Mediterranean-style Chicken Pâté - 100% CHICKEN


The combined tastes of chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and olives make for a fresh Mediterranean-style pâté. The fact that chicken is its only ingredient means it is easily digestible. This pâté is delicious used in tapas, as an hors d’oeuvre, or simply in sandwiches!


Weight approx. 1.7 kg




Baked Pâté Cubes with Onion Jam


Baked Pâté, which is recognised as a “local speciality”, is also available in bite-size cubes together with Ardennes and Onion Jam.

The jams are packed separately. After opening, they can be put back into the separate compartments.

The Baked Pâté Cubes with Onion Jam are highly recommended as an hors d’oeuvre or bite-sized appetizer!


Weight 210 g e